3000 Turtle Creek


Home for More Than Family

  • 6 acres
  • 185,000 sq ft
  • 10+ Business Groups
  • 1 legacy

The development of the Perot Companies corporate campus provided a unique opportunity for the Hillwood Urban team. Tasked with transforming arguably the best urban site in all of Dallas into a corporate headquarters, we devised a real estate solution tailored to our specific needs. We successfully melded together multiple entrepreneurial business groups under one roof, and also created an atmosphere that continually reinforces the values of a multi-generational family legacy within those groups.

Unique Perpective From Developer To Tenant

This project afforded Hillwood Urban the opportunity to approach the project as both developer and tenant. Armed with lessons learned from studying firsthand several headquarter offices around the country, Hillwood Urban was able to experience many of the best practices that have proven successful for a variety of users. Through the extensive planning process, these best practices were adapted to fit the vision for our new headquarters and they continue to permeate our overall approach to office development.

Prioritize People Recruitment. Retention. Responsibility.

The modern workplace has evolved significantly as employees have continued to demand a better office environment. Building amenities, once simply defined by a token breakroom or gym, now include all aspects of building design and function.  Access to natural light, incorporation of real greenspace, walkability, healthy food offerings, use of green materials and products – all of these offerings are now expected and required from employers in their efforts to recruit and retain the best talent.

At the Perot campus, Hillwood Urban led the design and construction effort with a holistic approach to wellness.  The opportunity to navigate the design process with a view balanced between the owner vision and the tenant focus resulted in a workplace that is now instrumental in our recruitment and retention efforts.

Making A Home Fitting In with the Natural Landscape

The Perot Companies new corporate campus sits on a prestigious parcel of land settled between Turtle Creek and Katy Trail in the heart of Dallas. Acquired in 2011, this six acre piece of lush green forest promised the Perot family businesses a new home to connect to each other and to the community. With strong community ties and a well-established network in Dallas, we were able to utilize this property to the fullest potential for both the Perot family and the community it lives in. Nestled off the Katy Trail, the campus invites a sense of community as hikers and bikers are offered a brief respite in a canopy of shade in a community plaza.

Indoors Reimagined A New Approach to Modern

With 1.5 million square feet of Class A office space to take advantage of, Seattle designer Mithun and Dallas architect BOKA Powell leaned into the Perot's desire to emphasize the natural beauty that surrounded them. Rather than maximize the height limit of 240 feet, the family's vision was to blend the campus within the treetops and work with the natural landscape that Turtle Creek provided. Floor-to-ceiling windows line the walls of the two three-story buildings that make up nearly 200,000 square feet of the campus, encouraging employee health and providing magnificent views of an urban oasis in the middle of Uptown Dallas.