Exceptional Expertise Services

The Hillwood Urban team is able to take a project from raw land through construction to final delivery and ongoing management, seamlessly. From corporate campuses to civic institutions to hospitality and entertainment venues, our expertise spans all types of development.


Client-First Development

With any project, we start by establishing a relationship with our clients and put ourselves at the root of our clients’ needs. Our process goes beyond what we offer, it is what we deliver–a truly one-of-a-kind project that exceeds expectations.


Cross-Industry Flexibility

Our track record spans over three decades. We have established a reputation for aligning with best-in-class development partners. Our team of seasoned real estate experts work across industries to create diverse, multi-use projects with an unwavering commitment to quality.


Customizing Corporate Spaces

We’ve spent the last three decades developing environments customized for our clients. How do we do it? By studying our clients. By learning our client’s business, operation, process, and culture, we bring an owner’s perspective to each and every project. Every client is different. So, we tailor the solution sets to meet the unique function and spirit of the client company.


Spaces to Escape from Everyday Life

From major hotels in mixed-use projects to luxurious, iconic staples in hospitality and entertainment, Hillwood’s team has developed some of the most successful and iconic staples in hospitality and entertainment. We have teamed with industry-leading architect and hotel partners, achieving the right balance of functionality, comfort and profitability.


Creating Iconic Spaces

Civic development requires the foresight to create a space that will withstand the test of time–serving both purpose and distinction. Our experience allows us direct insight into the complexities of civic development backed by our steadfast commitment to quality.

Hillwood has built a reputation on our ability to bring key partners together in order to create activated environments that inspire people and attract talent.

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